English Kings Quiz – 15 Questions

    A painting of an English king
    English king

    You may know of today’s English monarchs, but how well do you know the ones from the past? With almost the same borders that exist today, the Kingdom of England originated in the 10th century. It began with Athelstan, the King of Wessex and England’s very first King. Here is our version of an English Kings Quiz. Do you think you’d be able to crack it?

    Athelstan, an English King's painting
    King Athelstan

    You are sure to find lots of HENRYs and GEORGEs below. Read more about medieval English surnames and their origins here.

    • Question of

      Which English King was known as ‘Lackland’?

      • John
      • Henry I
      • Edward III
      • William II
    • Question of

      Which one of his six wives is England’s King Henry VIII buried alongside?

      • Jane Seymour
      • Anne Boleyn
      • Katherine Parr
      • Anne of Cleves
    • Question of

      English king William III was also called William III of Orange and ruler of which country?

      • Portugal
      • Denmark
      • France
      • Dutch Republic
    • Question of

      How many English kings have been named Henry?

      • 9
      • 11
      • 8
      • 10
    • Question of

      Which English King was overthrown during the Glorious Revolution of 1688?

      • Edward II
      • Richard II
      • James II
      • Charles II
    • Question of

      Which King signed the Magna Carta?

      • William
      • James
      • John
      • Henry VIII
    • Question of

      Which house did Edward VI represent?

      • House of Stuart
      • House of York
      • House of Lancaster
      • House of Tudor
    • Question of

      Who was King Henry II’s wife?

      • Eleanor Jones
      • Eleanor Rigby
      • Eleanor Roosevelt
      • Eleanor of Aquitaine
    • Question of

      This King was throned after his brother’s early death. His expenditure significantly increased the crown’s debts. His final words were, “I go from a corruptible to an incorruptible Crown, where no disturbance can be.” Who is he?

      • Charles I
      • Charles II
      • George I
      • Edward VI
    • Question of

      Who was the English King at the Battle of Agincourt?

      • Henry V
      • Henry VIII
      • Henry III
      • Henry X
    • Question of

      This King’s anti-Germanic feeling led to a change in his family’s official name to Windsor, after the castle. Britain saw its first-ever Labour government while he ruled. He celebrated a jubilee too.

      • Edward VII
      • George VI
      • George III
      • George V
    • Question of

      Which King of England died at the Battle of Bosworth?

      • Richard VI
      • Henry II
      • Richard III
      • Henry VII
    • Question of

      Who was the King of England during the American Revolution?

      • Henry VIII
      • Edward VII
      • George III
      • George II
    • Question of

      This King had 15 children and was a noted bibliophile with a collection of 65,000 books. In his later years, he lost his physical and mental abilities. After 60 years on the throne, he went blind.

      • George III
      • George II
      • George IV
      • George I
    • Question of

      The illegitimate son of Duke Robert I of Normandy, this King was crowned on Christmas Day. He commissioned the Domesday survey.

      • Edward the Confessor
      • William I, the Conqueror
      • Alfred the Great
      • William II aka William Rufus

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