8th Grade U.S History Test – 15 Questions

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    American flag

    How good is your knowledge? Here is a real test to prove you still got it. Can you pass this 8th Grade U.S History Test?

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    American Civil War

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    • Question of

      When was the American constitution written?

      • 1776
      • 1607
      • 1787
      • 1812
    • Question of

      Martin Luther King, Jr.’s first significant leadership role during the Civil Rights Movement came during which event?

      • March on Washington
      • Montgomery Bus Boycott
      • Watergate
      • Selma to Montgomery March
    • Question of

      In 1952, Medgar Evers joined an organization to advocate for civil rights. What was it?

      • Council of Federated Organizations
      • Regional Council of Negro Leadership
      • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
      • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    • Question of

      Which American president made the Louisiana Purchase?

      • George Washington
      • Thomas Jefferson
      • Abraham Lincoln
      • John Adams
    • Question of

      What is the 3rd amendment about?

      • Freedom of speech
      • No quartering of troops
      • The right to bear arms
      • To free slaves
    • Question of

      Who was the general of the Union?

      • Abraham Lincoln
      • Ulysses S. Grant
      • Robert E. Lee
      • George Washington
    • Question of

      Who was president of the confederacy during the civil war?

      • Abraham Lincoln
      • James Polk
      • Jefferson Davis
      • Susan B. Anthony
    • Question of

      How many colonies were there, originally?

      • 50
      • 13
      • 11
      • 24
    • Question of

      Which rebellion proved that the Articles of Confederation did not work?

      • Whiskey Rebellion
      • Washington’s Rebellion
      • Shays’ Rebellion
      • Constitutional Rebellion
    • Question of

      Which of the following is NOT a part of the first amendment?

      • Freedom of speech
      • Freedom of press
      • Freedom to travel
      • Freedom of religion
    • Question of

      Who was Harriet Tubman?

      • A plantation owner
      • The conductor of the underground railroad
      • Wrote Uncle toms cabin
      • Union general
    • Question of

      Who is the father of the American constitution?

      • George Washington
      • Thomas Jefferson
      • James Madison
      • Alexander Hamilton
    • Question of

      Who was the general of the confederacy?

      • Ulysses S. Grant
      • Robert E. Lee
      • Abraham Lincoln
      • George Washington
    • Question of

      From which country was the Louisiana territory purchased?

      • Italy
      • Spain
      • France
      • England
    • Question of

      Which state was the first to secede from the Union?

      • Texas
      • South Carolina
      • Virginia
      • California

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