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Past U.S. Presidents in 15 Iconic Pictures

Being the president of the United States of America is not an easy task. People often keep a detailed tab on the presidents' past...

Joseph Stalin’s life in Incredible Rare Pictures

Joseph Stalin was a Soviet Dictator. He ruled the Soviet Union for almost two decades. He advocated the policies of Stalinism and it was...

Famous campaign slogans of U.S. Presidents- in pictures

A president's campaign slogan is what sways the public into voting for them. It should be catchy, brief and should show great promise. Hence...

Rare pictures of Adolf Hitler with interesting backstories

Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Nazi Germany. He was the leader of the Nazi party and a man who orchestrated the Holocaust, a...

Powerful pictures taken during the 1918 Spanish Flu

Spanish flu was an epidemic prevalent throughout 1918 and 1920. The deadly influenza epidemic went on to affect around 500 million people, which was...
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