Top Ten Women’s Rights Activists Who Changed The World

Several cultures worldwide worship female goddesses. But, our society and the law fail to give women all the rights they deserve. For centuries, women's...

8 slaves who refused to accept their fate and became kings

Exceptionally adept or exceptionally lucky, here are 8 individuals who broke through the shackles of slavery, defied fate and rose to rule empires. These...

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About French Mistress Agnés Sorel (1421-1450)

Who was Agnés Sorel? She was the Chief Mistress of King VII of France. Here are 5 incredible facts about her life. 1) Agnés Sorel...

5 badass women pirates who showed the men how to handle the high seas (Open list) (0 submissions)

In a world where piracy was mainly a male-dominated profession and women were looked down upon as weak and fragile, these 5 famous women...

11 Facts about Donald Trump that will make you cringe

Donald Trump, you either love him or hate him. These are some of the important facts about him that will certainly make you cringe. Donald...

26 Fun Facts about the famous Norse explorer Leif Erikson

26 Fun Facts about the famous Norse explorer Leif Erikson. Leif Erikson also called as "Leif the Lucky" is a famous Norse explorer. He...

5 Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

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