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Ten Explorers Of The Seas That You Should Explore

It is no surprise that as time passed, humankind craved adventure and discovery. This led to groundbreaking revelations like inter-country travel by water and...

10 history facts about Japan that will amaze you

Japan is known for its incredible culture, traditional arts, and has a colourful history. Until slightly more than a century ago it was closed...

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About French Mistress Agnés Sorel (1421-1450)

Who was Agnés Sorel? She was the Chief Mistress of King VII of France. Here are 5 incredible facts about her life. 1) Agnés Sorel...

5 badass women pirates who showed the men how to handle the high seas (Open list) (0 submissions)

In a world where piracy was mainly a male-dominated profession and women were looked down upon as weak and fragile, these 5 famous women...

25 great Ancient Egyptian inventions that changed the world

With its rich history and culture, Egypt is one of the top archaeological destinations to visit. Ancient Egyptian inventions shaped the world to its...
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